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Custom motorcycle insurance for choppers and constructed motorcycles, from American Ironhorse, Big Bear, Big Dog and other custom builders explains, the different types of custom motorcycles and how the motorcycles are valued.

Insurance Companies place custom motorcycles builders into two categories, NADA listed and not listed on the NADA. The most important aspect of the NADA designation is the strict adherence to a VIN or Vehicle Identification Numbers. To avoid fraud, insurance companies need these types of guidelines.

 Insurance companies will insure a custom builder not listed in the NADA, as custom motorcycle with a stated amount, up to $80,000. A signed application, payment, photographs and an independent appraisal are all needed to complete this process.

A motorcycle in the NADA Motorcycle Guide (Harley Davidson for example) with an aftermarket frame, will also be insured as a custom motorcycle.

A Partial list of Custom Builders

All American Choppers - Godzilla, Gunslinger, Grim Reaper, King Kong, Rockzilla

Amen Chassis Works  - 250 GT, 250 Menace, 250 Savior

American Ironhorse  Bandera, Classic Chopper, Judge, Legend, Lone Star Chopper, Outlaw, Slammer, Tejas, Texas Chopper

American Motorcycle Corp - 96R6, Fat Jack, King Scorpion, Pavement Pounder, Phantom, S Series, Scorpion, Z40

APC - American Performance Cycles Double Down, Evil Spirit, High Roller 280 300, Hustler Spirit 240, Wild Card S 240 300

Backroad Choppers - Boulevard 200 Chopper, Boulevard 300 Chopper, Pro Street Custom, Street Fighter

Big Bear Choppers - 300 Pro Street Chopper, Athena, Devils Advocate, Merc, Rigid Softail, Miss Behavin, Reaper, Screamin Demon, The Sled, Venom

Big Boyz Custom Cycles - Pro Street 250, Pro Street 300, Pro Street Bagger

Big Dog - Chopper, K-9, Mastiff, Mutt, Pitbull, Ridgeback

Black Swamp Choppers - Gravedigger, Grim Reaper, Old School Bobber, Old School Chopper

BMC - Big Mikes Choppers, Barhopper, Big Daddy, Bobber, Bobber, Hooligan, Notorious

Boss Hoss -  BHC-3 ZZ4, BHC-3 ZZ4, BHC-9 ZZ4 Trike, BHC-9 502 Trike

Bourgets - Black Jack, Bobber, Dragon, Cobra, F-80 Quadracycle Shredder, Fat Daddy, Fatso 330, Kruzer, Lady Low Blow, Low Blow, Magnum, Python, Retro Chopper, Super Stretch Viper

California Custom Cycles - Big Daddy, Bob Father, Coaster, Cruzer, Daddy-O, Elimnator, Intimidator, King Daddy, Nomad Convertible, Retro Rockitt, Terminator, The Big Gun, The Bob Job, The Frisco, The Killer, Violator

Campagna - T-Rex

Carefree Custom Cycles - Apache Bagger, Beast, Chieftain, Choctaw Chopper, Fat-So, Mohave Bobber, Old School Bobber, Six Killer

Carolina Customs - Russell Marlowe, Exodus, Half & Half, The One, Red Bottom, Tore Lose

Chica Custom Cycles - Ace, Ambiguous, Brass Knuckle, Bruiser, Chicas Digger, Ether, Fang, Fire Ball

Choppers Inc - Billy Lane, Bobzilla, Gangasta Bobber, Henderson Project, Knuckle Sandwich, Money Shot, 

Chopper Nation - Twister

Chop Shop Customs - 187 Bobber, High Roller, Kinpin Bobber, Street Rod

Chop Smiths Handbuilt - Jason Hart, Astro Zombie, Booby Trap, Hardtimes, Shovelglide, Speed Goblin

Coast 2 Coast Choppers - Bobber, So-Low 300, Tormentor Chopper 300, Tormentor Plus 330, Tormentor Pro Street 300, Violator Chopper, Violator Plus 330 Violator Pro Street 300

Confederate - B91 Wraith B131 Wraith

Coonyz Customz - Ball Breaker Rigid, Ball Breaker Soft Tail, Cracker Soft Tail, CTR Rigid, CTR Soft Tail

Covington Cycle City Customs - 300 S, 300 R, Beach Cruiser, Bobber, Chopper, Speedster, Speed Demon

Create A Custom Cycle - Attitude, BA240CS, BA240PS, Sensation, Straight Arrow

Custom or Constructed - For example Frames by Daytec, Paughco and Engines by Revtech, S&S

Death Row Motorcycle - Black Death 3, Electric Shock, Lethal Injection Unibobber Vendetta

Demon Choppers - El Demonio, Evil Twin, Soul Taker 300, The Bergo, The Haint, Vengeance, Warlock

Desperado Motorcycles - Good Times Bobber, Gun Runner II, Jeff Nicklus Signature Series, Pale Rider Rigid, Pale Rider Softail, Posse Rigid, Posse Softail, Smuggler II, Tripod Trike

Dominion Motorcycle - Bobber, DMC Chopper H, DMC Chopper S, Low Pro H, Low Pro S, Rated R, Signature Series

Exile Cycles Russell Mitchell 

Fly Rite Choppers  - Bobber, High Noon, Outlaws Ruin, Prospector, Reach for the Sky, Scorcher

Fuller Hot Rods - Bryan Fuller, Fullers Fueller, Indian, Kawasabi, Texas T

Hard Bikes  - Bobber, Chopper, High Roller, Neo Bobber, Pro Street, Rigid Bobber, Rigid Chopper, Softail Chopper

Hell Bound Steel - Fury, Heathen, Hellion, Hellrazor, Hellraiser, Stripper, Wicked

Hilltop Custom Cycle - Christine, Hilltop 250, Hilltop 300, Hilltop 360, Hilltop Custom, Hilltop Special

HotMatch Customs - Matt Hotch, Chingon, El Rey, The Vinnie, Stugots, V-Lux

Image Customs  - Bullet, Condor, Destroyer, Dragon, Eagle, Falcon, Merlin, Phoenix, Raptor, Rocket, Storm

IMC Independence Motorcycle Co  - 180HT 180ST 240HT 240ST 240HTC 240STC 240HTS 240STS 240HTCS 240STCS

Indian Larry - Paul Cox, Daddy-O, Grease Monkey, Voodoo Chili, Wild Child

Jesse Rooke Customs Jesse Rooke

Junior Motorcycle - J-Roadster Stallion, Luxor Stallion, Luxor Typhoon, Sport Stallion, Sprint Stallion

Kendall Johnson Customs Kendall Johnson

Kaotic Customs - B29 Bobber, Bone Crusher, Fat Jack, Heavy Hustler, Street Fighter, Street Hustler, Spike, The High Roller, The Pit Boss, Turbo

Kemp Kustoms - Chopper Hartail, Chopper Softail, Prostreet Softail, Understated

LA Choprods - Gard Hollinger, Funcula, Hard Rock Bike, Paco Grasso

Legends Motorsports - Eagle One, Great Dame, Legends Premier, Thunder, Wild Child

Logic Motor Co - Witch Doctor Rigid, Witch Doctor Softail, Voodoo I Prostreet, Voodoo II Chopper, Voodoo III Chopper

Martin Brothers chopper - Martin Brothers chopper

Midwest Motor - Hurricane, Storm

Milwaukee Motorcycle - Nostalgia, Patriot, Phantom, Revolution 250, Revolution 300, Revolution 330, Thug, Thug Chopper, Xtasy

Ness Motorcycle  - Arlen Ness, Low Liner High Liner Speed Liner

Orange County Choppers - Custom Softail, Custom Rigid, Greenie Old School, Splitback, T-Rex

Paramount Custom Cycles - The Ascendant, The Coupe, The Madator, The PCX, The Roadster, The Silencer

Perewitz Cycle Fab David Perewitz 

Paul Yaffe Originals - Chopper, Double Trouble, Newstalgic, Roadster

PCW - Precision Cycle Works, Aggressor, Bagger, Bobber, Cruiser, Detroit Bobber, Detroit Cruiser, Detroit Chopper, Detroit Roadster, Detroit Tri-Cycle, Nightmare

Power & Chrome - Accex, Agressor, Challenger, Cruzer, Demon, Dreamcicle, Fatback, Gambler, Hustler, Saint

Pro One - Dominator, Hyper 4, Piranha Chopper, Piranha Pro Street, Rogue, Vapor, Voyager

Proper Chopper - 240RR, 240RS, 300RS, Bobber 357

Redneck Engineering - Barely Legal, Bobthis, Curves, Dropseat, FCA Hidden Shock, Gettin High, Low Life Mutant, Roadstar

Rucker - Assasin, Gauntlet, Predator, Vandal

Saxon - Crown, Firestorm, Griffin, Mad Jack, Sceptre, Villain, Warlord

Swift Choppers - Bar Chopper, Bobber, Icon, Lucky Striker, Punisher, Tormentor 

Thunder Bikes - Eddie Trotta, Drop Dead Signature, Drop Rigid, Single Side Softail

Thunder Mountain  - Baditude, Blackhawk, Firestone, Frontier, Keystone, Sterling

Titan Motorcycle Co - Bobber, G3, Gecko, Radical, Rigid, Scorpion, Sidewinder

Ultra Motorcycle Co - California Kid, Fatpounder, Groundpounder, Jackhammer, Mac Daddy, Sledgehammer, So Cal Chopper, Intimidator

Vengeance  - Banshee, Crusher, Drifter, Maxis, Raven, Teacher, Whiplash

Viper Motorcycle Company - Viper Motorcycle Company Diablo, Diamondback, Mamba 

Von Dutch Kustom - Cruel World Chopper, Dragnet Procomp, Dutch Angel Prostreet, Flying Dutchman, Killer B, Lowbrow Procruiser, Speedball, Stray Chopper Softail

West Coat Choppers   Jesse James 

Wild West Motorcycle Co - Dragoon, Gunfire

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