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Motorcycle insurance referral form.

Complete the online form to enroll in the insurance referral program. We track the referrals from dealers and individuals and pay a referral fee. The referral fee is based on the number of referrals received per month. Similar to advertising, the referral fee is paid regardless of whether or not the insurance is sold. We reserve the right to cancel the program if the number of referral fees paid, does not offset the number of insurance policies are sold. This allows compliance with State Department of Insurance.


Motorcycle Insurance referral sources.

Motorcycle insurance referral sources by a powersports dealer, can be from the F&I contact during the sale of a motorcycle, a salesperson during the prospective sale, a customer visiting the parts or service department viewing a placard on the counter and finally, our link placed on the dealer website viewed by a prospective customer in or out of state. Motorcycle insurance referral sources by an individual, can be from a motorcycle group leader or an individual who rides with a large group.

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